Women can be empowered to Achieve Equal-Gender Status with Trips 4 Women

Women can be empowered to Achieve Equal-Gender Status with Trips 4 Women @Admin || Saturday, August 7, 2021

To ensure women around the country are afforded safe and reliable transportation, everyone is hitting hard to pave the new way. Achieving a gender-equal world status by making sure women’s needs are well introduced in the field of technology and innovations. Transportation is such an important economic sector that the plethora of big or small transportation companies invested billions for commercial driving activities. As a result, many unemployed women have engaged themselves in driving as a source of daily income. These have created employment opportunities for more than 5000 unemployed women.

With the recent advancements in road transportation, automobile and mapping technology have contributed to a new age for professional driving models, offering location, and time flexibility; and the digitization of mobility through various smartphone applications has changed the very nature of women’s profession and the concerns relating to a woman’s safety while travelling. A new era called from Trips 4 women as an initiative and which implies there is more impetus for women to learn to drive, given the opportunities in the sector.


The world is transforming drastically and changing our mindset towards gender gap is of utmost vital. Trips 4 Women has always encouraged to empower women to be captains. So it’s time to trust in you and do whatever you love. Trips 4 Women empower women to become professional chauffers to enable them to gain remunerative livelihoods with dignity. We believe in enhancing their awareness of rights and enables them to become independent and confident individuals in charge of their lives. If there is one thing that always raises a concern for women in travelling, is safety. Taking cabs from Ridesharing For Women at night is always a risky affair; especially so, when the rate of crime against women isn’t declining, every small step taken to make the city a safer place for women is appreciated. One such initiative has been taken by Trips 4 Women


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