A great contribution to the society

A great contribution to the society Admin || Thursday, December 16, 2021

We believe that women from all spheres of life should be independent and should have extra income to give them a peace of mind. Through the female driver rideshare, our main mission is to let corporate women drive safe at night. You don’t need to wait for a taxi to swing by. All you need to do to indicate your location and your destination, a driver will come for you as soon as possible.

Our features contain SOS buttons, alarms, anytime pick-ups, female rideshare drivers and much more.  Because we concern about women safety. You can use 'send status’ function to keep your family and friends up-to-date on your exact location. So, you can feel relax and enjoy your stress-free ride. Women can go anywhere they need to go, conveniently and easily. We always offer a service that is safe, trustworthy, convenient and cost-effective.

Once you start using Trips4 women, you won’t want anything else. You can go anywhere and anytime without worrying about making your way home. With the split fare function, you can share your ride and cost with the friends. This will be cheaper than taking a taxi because you can have more than one person sharing the ride and the cost. If there are places that you visit regularly, like your workplace, your coffee house or your friend’s house – the list goes on. By saving these addresses in the ridesharing service for women, you can reach your destination faster with the push of a button. This app has several advantages like you are able to track where the driver is at any given moment, you don’t need to make cash payment, you can call your cab driver if needed, you will be notified as the driver gets close to where you are.


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